Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Orgo I (223) Catch Up!

I hope everyone is well and safe from the flood waters that have closed Oakton through this Thursday. While I'm sure you're enjoying your break (I am!), chemistry must march on. I've developed a plan that should put us back on track. Here are the details:

1. Exam 3 is a take-home exam. You may access this now from the Download Center. The exam is due Monday, April 29 at the beginning of class. You are expected to work on the exam individually. Answers should be thorough and reflect the extra time you will have to complete the exam.

2. I've created a screencast of lecture 24 that we were going to cover today. Watch this screencast on my YouTube channel prior to class on Monday. You should also answer the i>Clicker questions within the lecture on notebook paper and include these as part of the Homework 9 and 10 combined assignment. As always, you may download the lecture slides from the course website.

3. Quiz 9 will be on Monday and will cover the material from the screencast lecture.

4. A combined homework 9 and 10 assignment has been posted to the Download center. It is due Wednesday, May 8. Begin working on this now. You will be able to answer many of these questions after you've watched lecture 24.

5. The second synthesis packet has also been posted to the Download center. We will work on these problems together during our final Skillbuilder next Wednesday. You should start working on them now so that you can ask informed questions that day. All of the synthesis questions on the final exam will come directly from the two synthesis packets.

6. There will be no poster assignment as planned. Instead, the ACS exam will be worth 100 points. We will prepare for this exam (multiple choice) in lab next week.

7. The study guide for the final exam (Wednesday, May 8) has been posted to the Download Center. Start studying now! The synthesis packets are a great way to start since these require a cumulative knowledge of the transformations we've discussed. Also, use the homework (old, new and the recommended problems at the top of each assignment) as well as clicker and quiz questions. The final will closely resemble these assignments. By all means, use the lecture slides as a reference, but please do not spend hours "reviewing" by flipping through slides or by rereading the book. This is rarely beneficial. Problems! Problems! Problems! Also, continue to organize reactions into categories that makes sense to you (e.g., all reactions that form ketones). This process is very helpful in making connections between old material and new which will help you remember it better.

8. Our last lab will be Exp. 24-Nitration on Monday, April 29. Please have your prelab completed. Your lab notebook is due on Wednesday, May 1. The notebook will be graded according to the description and rubric discussed at the beginning of semester. Ten random entries will be chosen. I hope to get these back to you on the day of the final (May 8).

9. The online schedule has been updated.

10. I will be available all week on Skype (clandrie; video and chat). Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or need some help. And as always, I check my email about once a minute. ;)

Have a great week. Work hard!

Dr. L

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