Thursday, October 22, 2009

Midterm Grades

This semester UIC has asked all instructors of 100- and 200-level courses to enter midterm grades. I have entered midterm grades for CHEM 233 so that you can make informed decisions about your work in this course. The midterm grade was determined from your scores on lab reports 1-6 and the midterm exam. You will be able to view your midterm grades using the Student Self Service Login at 5:10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 23. Your TAs have also been given your your midterm grades and can provide you with your current percentage score in the course, which will give you a clearer picture of your standing. I have also posted the course curve and midterm curve on the Grades Fall 2009 page. For more information on midterm grades, visit the Office of Admissions and Records site. If you'd like to discuss your standing in this course, particularly what quality of work is required to achieve your goals, stop by during office hours (M,W,F; 12-2 p.m.).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Midterm Exam Corrections

This semester I am instituting a new policy for making corrections to exams that have grading errors. If you suspect that an error has been made in grading your exam, first speak with your TA or myself to determine if in fact there is a grading error. If you are confident an error has been made, a formal letter must be written to me that clearly states the nature of the suspected error and the proposed adjustment in point value that will result from this correction. The letter and the original exam must be personally submitted to me in my office no later than 2 weeks from the date the exam was taken; these items may not be submitted to your TA. Original exams that are submitted for review will not be returned; be sure to make a photocopy for your records. For submission instructions and requirements, download the file "exam_corrections.pdf" from the Organic Chemistry Labs File Sharing Page.