Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CHEM 232 Final Exam Info and Study Guide

Information and a study guide for the final exam has been posted on the course website's File Sharing page (finalinfo_232SP12.pdf). I encourage you to begin studying now. Casually reviewing a day or even a week before the final will not adequately prepare you for this challenge. I recommend that you set up a schedule for yourself of what topics and problems you are going to complete from now until the final. As always use the lectures and textbook as a resource only; do not reread them like a novel. Your primary mode of studying should be to do/redo as many problems as possible (e.g., old exams, practice exams, quizzes, clicker questions, textbook questions, synthesis handouts). Happy studying!

CHEM 233 Final Exam, Practical Exam and Notebook Info

For more information on the lab notebook, practical exam and final exam, download the document, finalinfo_233SP12.pdf, from the File Sharing page on the course website.