Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CHEM 112: To Do List

As we approach the start of the Spring 2010 semester, I want to welcome you to the course and also give you a list of tasks that should be completed in the coming weeks.  Most of these should be completed before the first lecture so that you are adequately prepared and do not fall behind.  One of the most important skills required for success in a large university lecture course, is your ability to seek out and follow directions carefully.  I encourage you to read all of the resources here on the course website as well as on Blackboard that are discussed in the to do list below.  If you have any questions, my door--and e-mail inbox--are already open and waiting to assist you.  I'm looking forward to sharing my passion for the exciting world of chemistry with you.  This semester I aim not only to teach you the chemistry content you require for your academic endeavors, but also to train you in the type of analytical thinking that is required for solving problems in chemistry as well as the professional field to which you aspire.

Dr. Chad Landrie

To Do List:
1.  Become acquainted with the resources available on Blackboard and on the course website (www.chadlandrie.com).

2.  Obtain the document, General Chemistry (CHEM 112): Syllabus and Course Information, by picking up a hard copy at the bookstore or by downloading a pdf version from the course website.  Read all of the information carefully before the first lecture.  This document will not be distributed in lecture.

3. Register for ALEKS, the online homework system we will be using this semester, by following the instructions in the course info document or from the course website.  It is important that you complete the initial assessment at least one week before the first lecture so that you will have an ample amount of time to relearn some of the pre-requisite material that you may have forgotten.

4.  Purchase the required texts and materials listed in the course info document as well as the course website.  (Note: The list on the bookstore website is not up to date.)  Be sure to purchase your i>clicker now; we will be using the i>clicker on the first day of class.  Also, do not forget to purchase your goggles.  You will not be allowed to participate in the laboratory without goggles.

5.  Vote on at least one i>clicker question during the first week of lectures.  Then, complete the instructions for web-based registration of your i>clicker.  Proper registration is essential for matching your i>clicker votes to your name.  The instructions can be found in the course info & syllabus document as well as on the course website.  Note: The registration instructions are incorrect in the hardcopy of the General Chemistry (CHEM 112): Course Information & Syllabus document that is being distributed by the UIC bookstore.  View the revised instructions--essentially, use your UIN as your student ID--in the newest version of that document found on the course website.

6.  Carefully read the requirements and descriptions for keeping a laboratory notebook.  You will be required to turn in a Pre-Lab notebook entry before the start of your first laboratory session.  This means that you will have to carefully read the first experiment that will be completed on that day, The Floating Egg Problem, from the laboratory manual that must be purchased from the UIC bookstore.