Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Microscale Techniques in the Organic Laboratory (by Connie Churchill) DVD is now available online free of charge. This can be accessed at Oakton's streaming videos site: Currently, this site can only be accessed through Oakton's intranet network (i.e., on campus). The direct links to the series are:

Parts 1-14

Parts 15 - 20

You may also access these videos off-campus through an old URL at This link may not be valid in the future, however.

It is required that you watch the segments on the techniques you will be using before you come to the laboratory. These videos contain information and descriptions that cannot be found in the lab manual. They also show excellent demonstrations of how the laboratory equipment should be used. Some of this information may be useful to include in your prelab entries. Be prepared for lab by taking advantage of this excellent resource.

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