Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grades Posted

Your midterm score and lab report average score have been posted to Blackboard.  You will receive your midterm back during your next lab session.  For midterm exam and course grading stats, visit the Grades Fall 2010 page on the CHEM 233 course website.  Remember, there is no lab for sections meeting Monday, October 18.  Tuesday through Friday sections, however, will meet this week and will be completing Lab 7.

After you receive your midterm exam, carefully check for mistakes or addition errors.  If you believe there is a grading error, first consult your TA and if they agree then submit your exam for review according to the instructions in the handout (exam_corrections.pdf) posted on the File Sharing page of the orgo labs website.  You must submit your exam by Monday, November 1 for it to be considered for corrections.  No exam will be accepted after that date.

Finally, if you would like more information on your standing in the course or are concerned about your performance, please stop by during office hours (M,W 3-5 p.m.) as soon as possible so that we can discuss strategies for improving your grade.  Little can be done at the end of the semester.  With over 300 points remaining in the course, however, you can still make significant improvements if you are not meeting your current goals.

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