Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CHEM 232 Exam 2 Graded, Scores Posted

The CHEM 232 exam two is graded and your scores have been posted to Blackboard.  The average was 51.5%, which I thought was very good considering the difficulty of this exam and the amount of material we covered.  Nice job!  For more statistics, including the exam curve and distribution, visit the  Grades Fall 2010 page   on the course website. I will update the clicker, OWL and quiz stats next week on Blackboard and the course website.

Your TA will return the exams during discussion section next week.  They will not return the exams before that time, so please don't ask. Look over your exam very carefully next week.  If you believe that there are grading or adding errors, follow the instructions in the document  exam_corrections.pdf , which can be found on the  File Sharing page   of the course website.  You must submit your exam by Monday, November 1 in order to have it reviewed for errors.   There was one ranking question that I thought was too difficult (rank in order of increasing rate of hydration), so I added three points to everyone's final exam score, which is reflected in the Blackboard score.  Do not submit a correction for that question.

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