Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lab Notebooks

Since there have been so many questions, I wanted to elaborate on what lab notebooks are acceptable for CHEM 233. The only requirement is that the notebook must be spiral-bound. No loose-leaf sheets will be counted toward the notebook grade at the end of the semester. It does not have to be an "authentic" notebook like those solid in the bookstore. Having said that, I do recommend that you purchase a lab notebook with carbon copies that you can tear out. If your notebook is lost or stolen, you will at least be able to present the carbon copies as proof that you completed the notebook. If you do not choose to go this route, then at least make a photocopy of your entries each week as a backup. While we're on the topic of notebooks, remember that it will be graded at the end of the semester according to the notebook grading rubric in the course manual. Look at this rubric now, so that you are completing your weekly entries correctly.

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