Friday, August 28, 2009

IR 232 Lecture

For those of you interested in a more graphical presentation of infrared spectroscopy, I made one of my previous CHEM 232 lectures available on that topic. You may download Lecture 9 on the the CHEM 232 page. The IR material begins in the middle of that lecture. Remember, one of the keys to utilizing IR spectroscopy requires that you know your basic functional groups and the bond types that make up that group. At the minimum you should be able to draw an example of all of the functional groups that were presented in the IR Primer activity on the first day of lab.

There is also a nice presentation of IR on the 
Michigan State University website and the CU Boulder website. Both contain several examples and a straightforward discussion of IR theory. The CU Boulder page is a little more exhaustive; it describes numerous IR bands that can be identified for several functional groups.

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