Monday, March 17, 2008

Call for Bulletin Board Pictures

FYI: I posted the exam 1 key for CHEM 233 on the bulletin board outside of my office as well as the curve & distribution graphs. As I posted the key, I noticed the bulletin board also needs to be spiced up with some new pictures. Pictures of you and your friends--in lab!! I have been meaning to take some new pics, but just can't seem to get around to it. So I decided that I'll leave you in charge of the pics. I'll give one extra credit point (max 5 points) to every CHEM 233 student who submits a picture which is approved to go up on the board. I will generally look for original, candid and lab oriented pics to post. Write your name and TA on the back and hand it to me or slide it under my door. If you see your pic on the board, you got the credit. Be safety conscious and be sure to ask permission before snapping a pic of your colleagues. Deadline: April 18.

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